Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Swine Flu

We have all heard those scary words "Swine Flu" and automatically get freaked out and paranoid. When I thought of it I thought life or death. I had a friend recently text me and tell me her daughter had it. My first reaction was "Oh my goodness, is she going to be ok?" My friend just said yes of course. Here lately we've been hearing about a lot of people getting the swine flu. It's not as big bad and scary as we were lead on to believe. I think when it first came out we didn't know much about it so it scared us.

This week I was diagnosed with the Swine Flu. I had gotten it from my nephew a couple of nights before. I didn't know he had it at the time or I wouldn't have been kissing on him. There are some negatives to having the Swine Flu, but believe it or not there are also some positive things that come out of it as well.

Negative sides: I had a fever for about three days. I was freezing cold and couldn't get enough blankets on. I was literally bed rid for two and a half days; I only got out of bed to go to the bathroom, which I hated doing because I was always so cold. I couldn't be around the children let alone touch them for days. I would give them air hugs and kisses when they went to school or to bed. Night sweats are the worse!! I had to put a towel down because when I would wake up, the bed and I both were soaked! My six month old would cry and I couldn't do anything about it. I had to sit and look at her. That's all! I'm the one always home with her and take care of her the most. Plus being sick is never fun, and I don't know about any one else but I'm a little baby when I get sick. Just want to be loved and cared for. The medicine they have for it is so expensive! Have you ever heard of having Insurance that doesn't cover prescriptions? Well, I didn't until we tried to go get them and found out our Insurance doesn't have prescription coverage! We pay out the rear for that Insurance!

Oh yes, the positive side. I bet you think I'm crazy but really there is a positive side. My husband works only five days a week but it's not a normal five days. He works Monday, Tuesday, off Wednesday, works Thursday, Friday, Saturday, off Sunday. You see, he is never off two days in a row, and he's never home before six o'clock. Usually it's dinner time, then the kid's bath time, then off to bed. Not too much family time. Since I've been sick he's been home taking care of the kids. Him and the baby have gotten unbelievably close!! He has a seven year old, but was never with the mom and has only ever gotten her part time. He's never really gotten close with her, so it's a new thing for him to raise his child. It's sooo cute!!! He's been dancing around with her, singing to her, feeding her, putting her to bed, giving her baths, playing with her, loving on her! She's usually a mama's girl and every time he had her before she would always just stare at me. Now, she'll look at me for a second then turn back to her daddy! She loves laying on his chest and just babbling away. I love seeing that bond! I act like it drives me crazy but really I'm very happy to see it. He's actually getting to raise his child and it's the best feeling in the world. I'm just glad that now he gets the opportunity to do it. Of course he's always been close with my three old so that's nothing new. He's just like her daddy too!

So you see, there is a positive side. Right now I'm downstairs and he's upstairs with her. I can hear him singing to her as I type. Ha Ha! Too cute!!! Isn't the saying there is always a positive side in every situation. I hope that's the saying because then I could look forward to everything that happens in my life from here on out. Oh, by the way, nobody else got the Swine Flu in our house hold. I was, of course, the unlucky one.

Having the Swine Flu is a serious thing. One thing to look out for is fever and heavy coughing. If anyone has those symptoms they need to go see their Dr. They say you can get medicine only if it is 48 hours since the symptoms started. If not you will have to wait it out and it could take days or even weeks. Keep your self Healthy and remember to wash those hands :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just about me!

I find myself writing about things that happen with the family or the kids. I put in my occasional stories with school or my brother, but I never really take time for me. Thanks to an email I just received from a loved one, I think I'm going to talk about just me.

I don't really think that people get me alot of the time. Heck what's there to get! I've always kind of put myself on the back burner to everybody else, and it was fine to be that person. But then when it came time to me being number one, it's never really been important enough to anybody else, even if it was extremely important to me. I am a honest person, not fake. I am a good listener and I don't judge most the time. Only when someone has done something bad to my family or in my life will I judge you. I am the person that gets left out or forgotten about. I actually see this alot in my son as well. I don't know why that is, but I've pointed it out to my husband and he agrees. There for a while I thought I was just being too emotional about it or something. My opinions don't really matter to the people that I want them to matter to.

Here are a couple of crazy examples, and people will probably kill me for writing these things, at my bachorlette party I actually bought most of my drinks. I think only two people bought me a drink that night, nobody thought to buy my drinks. I'm not the type of person to say hey buy me a drink. On my wedding day, nobody decorated our car. It was more like everybody was worried about themselves and not the people getting married. It was such a weird vibe! My husband was glad they didn't decorate, but I think it goes back to my past and never being taken seriously.

I've learned to be tough and on my own because I was forced to. I got pregnant at 17 with a guy that wasn't so nice to me or my family at the time. My dad ended up taking a new car I had gotten away from me, even though I was paying for it, and gave it to my sister while he paid for it. When my son was born my family didn't help out to much. I remember my dad gave me this little car I call a rabbit, but the first time he saw the dad driving it he took it away. So here I was 18 at the time with a two month old and no car. I had to buy it from him in order to get it back. I had no money! I couldn't go to them for help or support. The only one that really supported me and that I could talk to was my brother. Heck my own grandma would talk bad about me. I was just trying to live with out my family really in my life and that's not easy. I made some really bad choices as a parent, but I learned from them. Everything that I did I did for my baby. If I saw it hurt him in some way I didn't do it again. He deserved the best life and support that I felt like I never got.

He's dad wasn't the greatest at all!! He cheated, went to to jail, hit me, even in front of our son. He belittled me and made me feel like I couldn't do anything right, but I loved him. Even though he did some bad things, I knew he loved me and there were times where he was there for me when nobody else was. The stronger I got, the more mature and grown up I got. Eventually we split ways, but it really wasn't on a bad note. I know it sounds like he is a bad person, but he really isn't and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am today. That was years ago that he put me through all that and we both learned. I don't hate him, heck I still have love for the guy and to this day we still have a pretty good relationship and get a long. I wish him nothing but the best and I mean that. It still makes me laugh just thinking about how well that guy still knows me!!! We will talk and he'll say things like I know you better than you know yourself, man he's right! Lol...

Another thing I don't understand is how easy I am to forget. My sister is such a people's pleaser and she still has tons of friends back from her high school days. People flock to her for some reason. She's one of those people that goes along with whatever to please them. We are totally different! I don't talk to a single sole from high school. I would go out of my way to help anybody out, but they just don't keep in touch with me. Like even know, since I'm not working somewhere and don't see many people, all of my friends have lost touch with me. I'll send them a text and try to hang out or something, but they don't have the time for me. Perfect example, I have this cousin who has gone through soo many hard times and has been through so much!! I've went out of my way to email her, or send a birthday card telling her how proud of her I am and love her so much. My sister hasn't done any of that, but my cousin doesn't keep in contact with me but does my sister. I just don't get it! Sometimes it bothers me, but heck I should be use to it by now. It's been this way my whole life.

If you think about it though, I've been the one to really come out on top. I haven't really needed any help in life in a while because my family didn't help early in life. It made me independent, and others have to rely on parents. My grandma ended up being soo proud of me before she passed. I ended up with a great husband and I'm truly happy!!! Other's in life that have over looked me in some kind of way are not. It worked out for me and that had to do with everything I worked for. I guess I need to just think about me sometime. It's so hard for me to do that. I'm not even sure if I'll post this. I hate talking about my self like this. I think it makes me vulnerable. If I do post it, this will probably be the last time I ever post anything like this... Moral of the story is to tell myself "hey woman, you are a strong and happy woman! You are great and people that over look you are missing out. I love you!" Ha ha... that seems so strange to type. Thank you to the person that reminded me of me :) I did end up on top!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Luck

I have decided that I have some pretty bad luck. I know it's not as bad of luck as some, the bad part about it is it's constant and about everything. For an example, I had decided to start a daycare after my baby was born. I started in June, by then we did not have much money at all and our bills were past due. I accepted a couple of kids that my husband knew their mom by the mom's brother. She ended up being crazy and so much to deal with so I had to drop them. I wrote her a two weeks notice July 7 and the last day they came was the 16th.

I am a part of this food program, they pay for your food to feed the kids. I'm a very honest person and anyone who knows me would tell you that. I was so needing money that I decided, for the first and only time, claim the kids until the 23rd of July on and not the 16th. I needed a good check to feed my kids and pay the bills. I got a letter from the food program saying that they were not paying me for what I claimed, but only to the 7th of July! The mom had called them and told them her kids hadn't been there since that date!!! I was so needing this check!! I guess we both lied, but I only lied for a weeks worth of food and I ended up with two weeks less!! They were actually there until the 16th but since the mom called and told them they were there until the 7th I didn't get paid what I actually fed them.

That's one example of my luck when I really needed it and never do anything like that ever. Heck people cheat the system all the time for stupid stuff. I know a girl that has claimed kids for years that haven't been there and she never got caught, but the one time I actually needed it it didn't pan out. That's the story of my life!!!!!

This year is my 6 month old's first Halloween. I found the adorable flower costume online and ordered it. It was to be here today! I waited and watched the door all day for the UPS truck to pull up. Finally at about 4 pm it pulled up; he put the package by my door and I opened the door and picked it up immediately. I opened it all excited and found a 4-6 year old solider costume!!! Man!!! I was soooo looking forward to it, and how does that happen!! Only to me I swear!! So I had to send it back and hopefully it comes before Halloween and is the correct costume. I just wish that the simple things would go my way. I don't want to have this luck, it sucks!!! Everyday it's something else.

I'm a great person and give back to my community the best I can, I know that sometime hopefully soon I will get my great outcome that I hopefully I deserve :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So many changes!

I have been soo busy it's crazy! I don't get on here as much as I would like, so today I have a lot to talk about. As far as me, I am good! I'm getting almost straight A's in school and I'm finally not stressed about money or bills. Life is comfortable! I'm looking to get my bathroom worked on and can't wait to get that out of the way. The tiles have been falling off my wall where my shower is for about a year now. You can see the mold growing on the sheet rock. Not a pleasant site or feeling.

My little is almost 6 months now and boy has she grown!! She screams, laughs, jumps around in her exersoucer, scoots and rolls every where. She is ALWAYS smiling! She's so funny!! I laugh at her all the time. She gets so excited and loves playing with the kids. She's pretty much sitting up by herself too. Still not that much hair yet, which is kind of strange for me as my other two always had a head full of hair.

I swear when they say the terrible two's I think they mean the trouble 3's and 4's. My 3 year is unbelievable these days!! She talks back, doesn't listen, does whatever she feels she wants to. For some reason last week she decided to pee in our chair and on the floor. Then she just sat in it! She's very strong minded and knows what she wants. Then other times she's as sweet as can be, loving on you, telling you she loves you every 5 seconds. She's very bright and smart. You can actually have a conversation with her like she's an adult. I can't wait until this stage is over with her!

Now on to my big 6th grader. He just had his first dance last Friday. I was sooo nervous for him!!! All he's been talking about is wanting a girlfriend and how he likes these girls, yet his grades have not been so good. Well, all but one class, so I told him he couldn't have a girlfriend until he was 15. He needs to more focused on school than girls. That's what's going to get him through in life, not girls. So he hasn't been talking too much about girls lately. Anyways, I took him to this dance and dressed him up in slacks and a polo shirt. We get there and kids are in jeans and t-shirts! I was like oh no, I hope nobody makes fun of him. You know the mom role! Luckily a lot of the 6th graders, since it's their first dance, dressed up. Afterwards I picked him up and he said he didn't dance, but had fun hanging out with his friends, and just walked around by himself too. I guess he's kind of a loner but if I doesn't mind, then I'm not going to worry about it. He's a GREAT kid!! We had lost our closeness after my 3 year old came, but these days it's coming back. The older he gets the more I appreciate him as a young man. He's such a loving, caring, emotional boy. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I think I tell him at least once a week how much he saved my life!

It's amazing how you over look the small stuff when you are stressed out. I was soo stressed out for so long about money and bills. Now that I'm at a place where I'm not worried about it, I appreciate and see what I was missing out on. Now the important things are my kids and showing them the attention and love they so deserve. It's amazing how much they change their attitudes too according to what kind of mood the parents are in. My son made me realize that. I would never be where I am today with out him. I was young yes, but he made me want to get better for him and provide him with a house, a yard, and a good childhood. Even now, he's so grown up and he just loves me so much. That's what made me realize that I need to focus more on them and not on money or bills. Do you feel the love yet!!! Ha ha!! That's enough for now, I'll try and get on here more often... Until next time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow!! It's finally catching up!

I know it's been a while, but it's been soo crazy around the house hold. I thought school was going to be easy, it was at first, but now it's getting to me a little bit. I have certain times I have to turn things in and sometimes it doesn't mesh well with my husband's work schedule. The nights when I want to go to bed early, I can't because I have homework to do. I will try to read chapters while I'm watching kids during the day and they are napping. Only problem is, is that they are never all sleeping at the same time! I pretty much never get any free time. Which is fine because I need the money, just means later nights and I like my sleep! :)

I'm starting to feel like I'm always with my kids too. I just remember being happier when I got my break at work and then came home to the family. Now, day and night, I'm constantly around them. Heck, I love the heck out of them, but give me some space! I can't even go to the bathroom with out my 3 year old following me. I guess that's what I signed up for when I had kids. Ha ha! It's really not that bad, and I don't get sick of them that much. It's actually pretty cool being about to see my now 5 month old daughter growing and changing every day. My 3 year old is getting meaner, and my son is well the same.

I'm really surprised that I'm getting good grades in school. I have two A's, a B, and one C, but I don't agree with the C because on my discussions and written assignments I'm in the high 90's and my quiz's are in the 70's. I figured it would be a B! I guess I don't know grading that much. In High School my grades were horrible!!! I was a C average kid!! I work hard now that and I'm very motivated. One thing that has made this experience helpful is I showed my son how to look for answers on quiz's. He is failing social studies, and he brought home a test. I started looking at the test and asked if could use his book. He said yes, so I got out one of my books and started showing him how he can look up answers easier. If it's multiple choice, try to look up definitions of the answers in your glossary, if its not there then look up your subject listing and see what page you can find certain subjects. He got excited and started trying to research all through my book! I can't wait to see how he does on his next test!! Made me feel good though... He really does try and he's such a great kid. I just want him to do well.

Another busy weekend for us! We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and then Sunday my hubby is playing for the championship title in baseball!! This is his first year to the championship in gosh a couple years at least! He's excited and I'm excited to see him... School work will have wait for another day :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

MDA Telethon

The MDA Telethon is coming up this Monday! My family has religiously watched it every year. I even remember watching it before we found out my little brother had it. This is always such a great, but emotional time for us. We remember what it was like to have my brother here with us, and going to the actual T.V. station to visit everyone. My brother was always on the floor helping someone out taking phone calls, and every year one of my crazy family members would call in and make a request for the woman host to kiss Michael for a donation on live T.V.!! He always got so embarrassed! Ha Ha! My grandma would make all these big donations and get her a star on the black board. It was such a big deal for the whole family!

Since my brother's passing, my grandma had past too. It's still a big deal to my family, but not as crazy and exciting I guess. I hope that's not bad to say, but it's true. Now when we go up there to present our check, we see all these families with their kids just wanting a huge number on the tot board to find a cure for their loved one and our heartbreaks for them. We were like that too! I don't wish it on any one's family to lose someone so young and helpless.

That's why we do our benefit every year in the memory of my brother. We won't to stop families from loosing their loved ones, and to enjoy life with out the worries or hospitals. This year is very exciting for us! We are raffling off Dallas Cowboy tickets! The are off the 50 yard line, and it's the very first game in the new stadium. We announce the winner when we present out check this coming Monday! Anything to help Jerry's kids!! So good luck to MDA this year, and Jerry! Let's all hope that we raise soo much money this year it actually finds a cure! Good luck Jerry! We LOVE what you do for our families!! I've always wanted to tell him that :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've been on here, and a lot has happened. I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend, and I don't care what anyone says, it feels different to be out of your 20's. Looking back at my 20's though, I know that my 30's are going to extremely better!! Heck, they better be!!

My school is in full speed a head!! I'm currently getting an "A" in English!! Yay! Not sure about the other classes yet, but I think I'm at least in the "B" range. I couldn't believe the "A" in English, It' had been so long and when I started looking at all the adjectives, adverbs, active adverbs, complete verbs, ect. I was like, did we really do this stuff when I was younger? But I'm finally getting the hang of it. I did have to drop a class, but it's ok. I will take it this summer, right now I just didn't have the money to spend on the extra things I needed. I did end up getting 100% and 96% on two papers that I wrote for school. That surprised me!! I guess I didn't think I had it in me, but it's there :)

I officially have two kids enrolled in my daycare!! So that's really good news! Just one more kid and I will be set. It's seeming to work itself out. I guess it always does in the end. My little one is now 4 months and eating food. I'm still waiting for her to start rolling. She will roll from her belly to her back, occasionally, and sometimes from her back to her belly, but she needs a little help. She's so smart, reaching for things and playing with her toys. The last thing on her mind is Umm.. let me roll my heavy body every where! She even grabs my face, I love it! My 3 year old started preschool and haven't heard anything bad so I guess she's doing good. My son, now in middle school, is learning that you can't always trust people and you will loose friends. He had a friend that he walks to school with. One day, my son was teasing him about something and the kid hit him in the back. My son is very sensitive and it bothered him a lot. The kid said he was sorry but it still was in my son's mind. So he came home and told me about it, he wanted me to say something to the kid. I said ok, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. The next morning the kid comes over to get him, and I say hey please don't hit him again, that is not cool. Of course the kid looked at my son and said why did you have to tell. To make things short, that was the last time the two of them have talked.

I told my son that he's going to have fight his own battles, unless it's really serious. Like it or not, kids that age do not like tattle tells. He will learn, but it will take time. I will try to get on here more and post my exciting life!! Lol... ok boring but who cares :) Have a good day, and stay positive! I need to take my own advice...

Friday, August 21, 2009

The first day of school

Oh my goodness!! Yesterday was the first day of school for me. I haven't been in soo many years I had no idea what to expect. I took on 5 classes this semester, which is alot. I hadn't gotten my loans yet so I haven't been able to get books. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to be able to get books! My first assignments are due next week! So I'm freaking out a little bit.

I go ahead and look at my classes and notice they have power points on the chapters. So I look at the power point on my first class. The quiz's you can only take once and you have a 45 minute time limit, and if you do not have anything marked on the quiz and try and close it, it's a zero. I open my first quiz and got all but two answer's correct with the PowerPoint! (I got two answers mixed around)... I'm thinking cool no book!!

I go to the next one and it has a PowerPoint as well. I spend an hour copying the power point down and I'm getting a 100% for sure on this one!! I open up the quiz and to my horror there are no questions on this quiz that are on this power point!!! I'm in trouble!! Of course I can't close it or it's a zero, I'm going to have to guess. I guess and only get a 50%!! I am soo mad at myself!! Hopefully it doesn't take me long at all to get that grade up.

I think I'm going to have to drop a class because you need some sort of Microsoft Office and I don't have $300 to get it or the financial aid... :( Hopefully I can get it worked out. I'm really trying to reach my goal of getting in Associates in Accounting in two years. I guess we will just have to cross our fingers...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot Summer Days/Nights

Last night I had this great idea! I had the idea of playing Hide and Go Seek in the dark with the kids. Best idea of the summer I think. It wasn't too hot, it was perfect! We even got my husband to play. It was funny because he was it first, and he thought I had hide right around the corner (I was actually behind a bush further back). He jumped out from in front of the house growling like a bear, thinking he had just scared me and my daughter. Actually the only thing he did was make me crack up, because he did that and no one was there, but I did have front row seats to it. Ha Ha!

My husband is a pretty good size guy. He is 6'4 and about 200 pounds of muscle, and here he is trying to hide behind a tree! So here is this tree, with an obvious person sticking out from behind it. Then of course, I found the perfect hiding spot! They couldn't find me for nothing! In order to hide there again, I kind of walked out when nobody was paying attention and showed up right beside them. They kept asking me where I was, but I'll never tell :)

We played that game for a good hour, and it was about 9:30 so the kids were in their PJ's. We sure did tire them out though, once we went inside and put them to bed we didn't hear one sound. Then today, I was just relaxing at home sitting on the porch doing a crossword puzzle for a good while. It was soo nice out!! This weather is weird here, one day it's in the 70's the next in the 100's. Wish it would make up it's mind. Today it's in the 80'.

I took the kids to a water park and after an hour they were ready to go home. Now they are sitting around watching the Disney Channel. I swear, you can't get them outside for anything! When I was little I use to be outside from sun up to sun down, especially during the summers. Heck, I go outside more than the kids do. That's insane, but so true. It's like a punishment when I say "ok guys lets go outside and play." Lol!! The say it's too hot! Those crazy kids... but you gotta love them :) Me, I will still sit outside doing crosswords or read a book. I love summer days and summer nights!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School!! Even for me...

Next week my son walks in to Middle School for the first time. The fear in me is intense! I worry about him and how others will treat him. I have always worried about him, it seems that people like to pick on him. Even in Kindergarten, a first grade girl punched him the month. First grade two boys jumped him. Ok, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade not much happen. Last year a girl kept hitting him in the back of the head, and a 3rd grader hit him in the month with a piece of snow that was actually ice! I know what you are thinking, but he actually didn't start any of them. He's one of those kids that is shy and easy to pick on. He doesn't stick up for himself. When the kid hit him with the ice, he actually said "mom, he didn't know it was ice it's ok." Wow, what a sport!

See he got bit in the face by a pit-bull when he was 5 years old. He had to have plastic surgery on the left side of his month and eye. You can clearly see the scare and it makes him self conscious. So heck yeah I worry about him!! He's such a sweet kid too, but I have to let him grow up and fight his own battles (hopefully he doesn't have any this year). We do live next to a kid that will be in 7th grade, and he agreed to look after him. Not sure how well though. I'm just a mom, loving their child unconditionally, what can i say. :)

Then I have my 3 year old starting pre-school!! Oh my how things change so quickly... I don't have to worry about her much, only that she will be the bully!! Ha, Ha, she's completely different than my soon, a sweet girl, just not shy at all. She will be my trouble maker I think. Hopefully not too bad! She defiantly has a mind of her own...

Next is me, starting my first year of college. I'm very nervous with this as it's been about 12 years since I've been to school. I also took on 5 classes, which everyone tells me how crazy I am. Yeah, I know I say, but honestly I don't know. The quicker I get it done, the faster I will have my degree is my saying. I'm going to try and be an accountant, just like my mother in law. We will have to see how it all goes. As for right now, I'm getting ready to enjoy the last of mine and my kids summer... Hope everyone is having a good one!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Benefit

We are getting ready for our 6th Annual Benefit in memory of my little brother for Muscular Dystrophy. My mom and sister are going around their home town getting donations as I type. My job is to get the band, and start email the radio stations. One year a country station actually called me and did an interview over the phone at 6:30 in the morning. They didn't warn me so it was a complete surprise!! A good one of course!!

These are our events, this past weekend we had our Co-Ed All Night Softball tournament. Had a great turn out!! Then Friday, August 21, we have a Texas-Hold em Poker Tournament. We give away prized to the last 8 still playing. I think our first place reward is $1,000 this year. Which is great with the way the economy is going. That's usually a bunch guys in a smoke filled room... Fun :). The big event is on the 22nd! We have bowling from 12 pm-12 am. My dad actually owns the bowling alley so we don't have to rent anything out. There will also be a Taco/Enchilada sale from an owner of a fabulous Mexican restaurant. Great door prizes every half hour, and the big price is a 32 inch flat screen T.V.!! We also have all kinds of other awesome prizes. Then at night, we have a band that comes and plays until midnight. They are great!!! They've come down and played for us every year for nothing...

The greatest thing about it, is that my family keeps absolutely nothing!! Every last dime, to the concessions, raffles, water's, you name it, goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Of course it does!!!! We have dedicated our lives to help find a cure for the past 6 years! I know we probably should have started a long time ago when my brother was still alive, but we were in COMPLETE denial. Until the inevitable happened! We are doing something about it now and I know that it truly makes a difference... Let's not let families and most of all the kids suffer any more, is my way of thinking. We WILL find a cure one day, and I can proudly say that my family and everyone who supported us was a huge help. Makes us feel good to know we are apart of something great :) So wish us good look on our journey this year!! We try to beat our goal every year, so this year we have to get more than $12,000... Keep your fingers crossed for the people who can not cross theirs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Weekend

I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been busy. All last week, one by one, every member in my house got the stomach flu. First was my 3 year old, she was a champ with it, but I had to stay up all night with her. She would ran to the bathroom and do her business, and then be fine and go back and lay down until it was time to go again. My 11 year old was worse! He got sick and every time he would go to the bathroom he would bang on the door yelling "mom!" I would run over there and he would be saying how there is something wrong, and hold my hand. He would cry and want to me to lay with him in bed. It was just strange how my 3 year old took it better than he did.

Friday rolls around and I get it! Not bad, actually I didn't throw up at all, just had a bad stomach acke. I got lucky!! Friday night my husband got it just as bad as the kids. He was up all night long, and then went to work the next morning. Now he's a trooper!! Not only that, but we had an All Night Softball Tournament we had to attend Saturday night. He made it until 5 am with that one, need to say he was exhausted Sunday!! Oh, and Sunday at 10 am he actually made it to his baseball game!!

So, now everyone is better, thank goodness. Saturday night we had our Annual Michael Day Memorial C0-Ed Softball Tournament to Benefit MDA. We had a great turn out, and made lots of money!!! This is what we do every year in honor of my late brother. Those all night games are tough!! I only made it until 5, but the rest of my family made it until it was over at 7 am. I had to go pick up the baby so I needed to get a little rest before my day started with her. She ended up going to my cousin's house for the night. She's only been around her twice so she ended up freaking out on her!! She is only 3 months old, so I didn't think she would be aware of her mom and dad not being around yet. She cried for an hour straight, wouldn't take her bottle, wouldn't take anything!! Finally my cousin called me and I had to go get her. I got there and held her, she calmed down and drank her bottle. Then I stayed until she passed out. After that she never knew I had left. I still wasn't sure if it was us she wanted or she had a bad tummy acke.

The next day I took her over to my parents house where my sister and her boys were, and my cousin from Texas was in town so she and her two kids were there. I tell you what, every time someone picked her up she started crying!! Not even my mom could hold her!! So weird!! My sister thinks that it dramatised her when she went to my cousins, and now she thinks every time someone holds her I am leaving again. I felt so bad!! I still can't believe she is doing this at 3 months, I thought maybe 6 months, but not 3!! I guess I was wrong. Not sure what to do with this, my other kids were never like that. Not even know, heck half the time they would rather be at my sisters, or my parents, not with me!! Oh well, I guess I just won't be able to leave her very much. I'm fine with that :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Blues

I've got the Wednesday blues!! I can't seem to shake this funk I'm in! I'm so unbelievably tired for some reason, and I enrolled my son today for his first year of middle school. Maybe that's it?? I'm not exactly sure what to make of it, I honestly want to jump in bed right now, but it's only 8:30 pm. I'm actually hiding in the basement right now, because my company is no good to anyone. When I'm having the blues, then no one in my house is happy!! That's why I decided to come down here for a while.

I really hate feeling this way, like nothings ever good enough. Or how are we going to pay for this and that, or I'm tired of dealing with unnecessary drama. I just want one full week of no money troubles, no fighting amongst kids, happy, laughing hysterically, and eating or doing whatever it is we want to!! That would be nice huh! It's always something...

I've been trying to get kids for my daycare, and when I think I'm getting close to getting a few something happens. I did get one baby, yay!! I had a couple mom's call and wanting an interview with me, so I clean up the house spotless, make sure the kids and husband are scares, and wait. I wait and wait and wait... They never showed up! If they knew how frustrating that was!! We talk all this time to get ready for them, and they just blow you off. It's pretty disappointing, especially when you know their kid/kids would love your daycare and you REALLY need the income. Oh well, what can you do.

So Wednesday is almost over, which means maybe Thursday will be a better day :)... Hey, Saturday my mother in law is taking me shopping and out to lunch! That would cheer anyone up. Ok, so typing about my Wednesday Blues has made me feel better, and I think I am ready to go upstairs and face the family... Sometimes it's really nice to have this blog, something to kind of spill all your thoughts out. Maybe nobody is listening, but it doesn't matter, you are still talking about it!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bash!!

Today is my stepdaughter's 7th birthday, and we are having cake and ice cream for her. I remember when I first met my husband two years ago and she had just turned 5. This goes along with my Blog about they grow up so fast. She has really changed, but came out of her shell. She use to be pretty shy and timid, but now she is pretty talkative and not afraid to speak her mind! Must get it from her step mom ;)... I think the hardest thing EVER is blending families! It's been two years since we've been together, and one year since we married and it's STILL tough. We get the hang of it a little more every day. Just got to keep your head in the game. So it's important to be as one, especially for birthdays...

It's funny because my mother in law called me the other day and asked if I wanted her to make her a cake. I told her no, we always buy our kids cakes so we will do it for her this year. Last year was her first year with having a birthday party with us, so we made it a big deal! Her aunt made a candy land cake for her. Yes, her aunt is VERY talented. Yes, I said first birthday because when I first met my husband, his daughter's mom wasn't very nice and hardly let him see her. So we took her to court and got our every other weekend, holiday's, stuff like that.

So this year I went to buy her a cake, and oh my goodness!! They are sooo expensive!!! I've never really noticed it before! I guess because I never thought of making one, I don't know why. My kids always got store bought, as I did as a kid. Dang, I almost made one but was determined to have a store bought one at the time I talked to my mother in law, I couldn't bring myself to make one. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I've been kicking myself ever since I bought it! I won't tell my mother in law that though, Ha ha!

We are trying to do it the cheap route this year, since we don't have much funds, so I bought plain balloon's and I'm going to write "Happy Birthday" on them with a magic marker. Hey it works! I really hope she has a good birthday with us again, and I hope she gets all she deserves... Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!

Oh, and let me know if who ever reads this wants to comment, and it won't let them. It let me comment fine on my own... Ummm!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Crazy Dreams

I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I have always had some crazy dreams!! Last night was one of them, I dreamed that I was outside on some kind of outing with my sister, my 3 year old, and a bunch of people I didn't know. The things that stand out the most about it, was we were outside surrounded by a whole bunch of things, then you look to your right, it's starting to storm and tons of cloud to cloud lightning. So we run under a tent, everyone is amazed at the lighting saying at least it's not ground lightning. At that moment I look to my left and see ground lighting, so I yell we do have ground lightning! To our horror we look, and all the lights we had go out. We see this weird twisting shape in the darkness and figure out it's a Tornado!!

So we all run, holding hands trying not to trip on anything, to a house and we make it. The house is shaking and I ask where the basement is. Then here comes this other couple with two little girls with them. I realize at that time that one of them is my 3 year old!!!! I couldn't believe, even in my dream, that I never thought to grab my child!! This wakes me up, and for about an hour I lay in bed thinking how could I forget my child! Knowing that it is a dream, but I still think do I really only think of myself, how could I only make sure I was safe... I'm not really sure how dreams work, but they sure do wake me up a lot.

I remember one dream I had about my brother right after he passed, which was in 2003. I still remember like it was yesterday. He had muscular dystrophy so he was in a wheel chair and had to be taken care of, for the most part. Great, spunky, funny, very touching young man. He was 21 when he passed, but he was my best friend. He was younger than me, so me being the big sister I always protected him. Even from the teasing when he was little because he couldn't run very fast, or really anyone that gave him a hard time. I beat up alot of young boys in my child hood days :)

Anyways, I remember he was in my dream and I was in a pool. I ended up getting him and carrying him around in the pool. We talked, and I said Michael I didn't want you to leave me, I wasn't ready for you to go. I remember holding on to him soo tight, like protecting him because I always tried. He said I know but I had to, it's ok... Brings tears to my eyes still to this day just thinking about that dream. I couldn't protect him from death, and I still struggle with that.

Dreams are weird and crazy, but can be so funny and kind too. Heck, I even find myself dreaming of my husband cheating on me and will wake up and actually be mad at him!! LOL... yeah, that seems to always make him laugh too. The crazy thing is I can remember alot of the bad ones, but not many of the good ones... I know I've woke up just laughing away at myself, but can't remember why. Why is that I wonder?? I'm sure they have a purpose and meaning, I have just never looked in to. Maybe I should some day... You never know what you might find out, or do I even want to know!! Maybe I'll just try to focus on the good ones and try harder to remember those... Either way, dreams can be soo crazy!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

They grow up soo fast!

Yesterday the kids and I went over to my best friends house to go swimming. She had her two kids plus her 13 year old niece. My son is 11 years old, and I never thought it would happen. Here he is in the pool playing keep away/tag with this 13 year old girl!! They were flirting!! My baby boy is flirting with this girl!! Actually I think she was the one really flirting. Every time we looked she had him in a head lock. My friend and I just watched them and talked about when we were that age.

Man, I remember being about 12 and going to Oklahoma for the summer to visit my mom. My sister, brother and I would go to the pool about every day. We would play chase/tag with these boys, and of course I had a huge crush on this boy named Josh. He was soo cute I thought!! So of course you have to act like you hate them, but really you like them. At that time, I don't think boys were all that crazy about girls as we were crazy about boys. They played with us alright, but to them that doesn't mean anything! They were just trying to win... Heck sounds like guys now days too :)

So on the way home from my friends house, I ask my son why he was flirting with this girl. He was so shocked I asked that because he was NOT flirting!! He couldn't even think of why I would even think that! Ha ha!! It seems like just yesterday when we were teaching him how to play catch at 3. He kept throwing the ball in the opposite direction because he thought it was funny to see us run after it.Oh, and who can forget his first day of kindergarten! I took a ton of pictures, and of course cried like a baby when I walked out of the school, and now he is flirting with girls and about to start middle school. Makes me sad in a way... Wow, they just grow up way too fast. I don't think I'm ready for this, but don't have a choice. I guess I will just go with the flow and prepare myself for a VERY bumby ride!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing like hanging with Friends

Since the little one has been born, I've been staying at home pretty much all the time. I have kind of lost touch with all my friends. Now that the little one is 3 months old, I am ready to get back out and let it be known I am still here!! LOL...

Yesterday, I got in contact with 3 of my really good friends that I had not talked to in a long time. I found out some information that was new to me, one is now single, the other is now in Real Estate, and last but not least my dearest friend, well nothing has really changed for her :)...

Tomorrow I got invited over to my friends out to go swimming!! I'm soo excited! She's my best friend ever, and I really have only seen her 2 or 3 times since I've been pregnant and had the baby. I talked to her forever last night, it's crazy how much gossip we both have missed in our lives!! Not only that, reminiscing about the good ole days... Man we've been through a lot. We've been through, deaths, break-ups, babies, marriage, just about anything you can think of. I forgot how fun it was to just talk to her, and how much I really missed her! I really forgot how lucky I was to have her.

So tomorrow is our day, and the kid's day... Swimming, sun bathing, and hey maybe even a glass of wine for old times sake!! I remember we would have our little get togethers years ago, before all the babies, and every time we would drink wine she ALWAYS spilled it on her shirt. Every picture we have of those times you can see the spot perfectly... LOL!! Of course I was always and angel, ok we all know not true ha ha! Anyways, tomorrow I get to spend the day with the greatest friend I have ever known...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What on earth could it be??

So I'm giving my 3 year old a bath this morning, and I notice around her belly button area is red and her belly button looks swollen. It's usually an innie but it's almost and outy... I tried to google it and get on webmd to look it up, but nothing! I couldn't find a single thing about it!!

Every one's main question is, "is it a bug bite?" I don't think it is because I can't find a bug bite, and it doesn't Itch or bother it. It doesn't hurt her, but it's a little hard on the belly button... I will upload a picture and if any one can shed some light on what they think, that would be great! I'm so paranoid when it comes to my kids, but I would be devastated if anything was to happen to them... they are my life!
Any opinions... please share!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another weekend gone by...

Another weekend has come and gone. They seem to do this more frequently these days... Pretty soon it will be my birthday and I will be 30 years old. I don't know exactly how to feel about that... I'm a little sad and in disbelieve! How did the time go by soo fast! It seems like yesterday I was 15 taking my sister's car, with out permission, and driving through the streets of our small town. It was a gear stick car, and I parked it in the driveway thinking Oh wow I got a way with it!! The next thing I know I am hearing honking outside, I look out and my sister's car had come out of gear and was in the middle of the street blocking traffic!!! Luckily nobody hit it and everything was okay... except of when my sister came home and had heard about it.

I still feel like I'm about 23!! I mean do you really ever feel your age the older you get? My parents so sometimes, but not that often. I still remember when my mom was in her 20's!! These weekends going by so quickly doesn't help either... :( Oh well, as long as it's a good weekend I guess it's ok. I just wish they were longer!!! We should have shorter work weeks and longer weekends!! Wouldn't that be ideal... I guess I will get my week started and look forward to the next weekend to come :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fitness BootCamp

So, this morning I joined my sister in her workout world. She joined a Fitness Boot Camp and they offered a free class this Saturday. She asked me if I would take it with her, of course at first I was like Heck Yeah, I'll be there!! Then as the days kind of went by it was more like what am I getting myself in to...

Saturday morning comes around, and my sister is at my house about 7:40 am to pick me for our workout. We get there and say Hi to everyone and line up to stretch a little. It's then I realize this is going to be WAY harder than I thought. Here we are trying to touch our toes (which I can't, by the way), doing jumping jacks, and the runner stretch. I am already gasping for air!! This class is an hour and a half, how in the world!!!!

After that they put us in to two different groups, the runners and the walkers. Of course I'm on the walker side, my sister a runner (show off LOL), and we start to brisk walk. I have all these older ladies passing me and I'm already tired, we have just started!!! I couldn't even keep up with the brisk walk!! That is soo sad, here I am 29 years old and these older ladies are giving me a run for my money. We end up stopping at a bridge, then the instructor says, "place your hands on the ledge and lets do push ups," so we do 10 of those and he says, "turn around and place your hands behind you on the ledge and lets do backwards push ups." We did 3 sets of these, then we are off again on our walk.

We end up running in to the runners at this big hill. I think to myself please tell me we are not running up this hill... Not only did we run up this hill 3 times, we had to run up it backwards 3 times!! I almost throw up at this point... So now we are done with the hill and have to jog to our next destination. I'm feeling very faint and nausea's, but push on. We do a little ground work with the legs, not that bad and actually cooled me down from the hill. Then off to the obstacle course, we had to run in between this ladder on the floor (my feet were so confused), then do like this basketball drill and go side to side from one cone to another.

After that we had to run across the parking lot with a parachute tied to the back of us. Wasn't as bad as I thought, the hill was much worse to me. Last but not least we had to lay in a parking lot and do sit ups, crunches, mostly Abe work out. My back was on fire!!! It wasn't the sit ups really, it was the concrete that was the killer!!! But by this time, I was feeling pretty good!! All the other ladies that were passing me, even my sister, where moaning and hollering about how they couldn't do anymore. I was soo proud of myself!!! I survived my first boot camp and actually enjoyed it!!! I've got to give the older ladies credit too, they NEVER quit!!! I was proud of everyone there... It's tough!

I'm sure tomorrow I will be telling a different story, but I'm just glad I actually made it through with out throwing up, like my sister thought ;) Trying new things is scary, but you got to do it to experience the joys of life!! Hey, what would you lose... Nothing! So try new things, push yourself. In the end it just makes you feel better... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Better Luck next time

So I waited for an hour for that lady to come over for an interview for Daycare. She never showed up or even called. I called her, but of course did not answer. I was really excited about it too!! I guess I got my hopes up and I shouldn't have.

I really had my fingers crossed too, this would have been the perfect opportunity to get back on our feet. I guess for some reason it wasn't meant to be, as sad as it makes me. Umm... what is going to happen next? I don't know, but for some reason I'm really not that stressed about it. I don't know why, but I really wish she would have called. I was going to go look for a part time job today, but had soo much confidence in the fact that it would have worked out that I didn't. Now I'm kind of kicking myself... :(

I know they say God has a plan, well I would sure like to know what it is. I wouldn't think he would let my family suffer more than we have, but I guess it could be worse. I'm just going to have a positive outlook on it, and wait for the next call.... Oh well, better luck next time!!

Don't give up!!

Just when I was about to give up on doing the whole Daycare thing, I got 3 calls from 3 different moms yesterday!!! They are coming over for an interview today, so I hope I can show them how serious I am about keeping their kids educated and safe!! There are soo many wackos out there that I don't trust that many people with my kids, plus some experiences I've had with Daycare haven't been the best at all!! That was one reason why I started it, so parents don't have to worry...

It's really crazy!! When I was about to give up and get a part time job and not care anymore, I actually got 3 calls! I mean nothings official yet, but it gives me hope that being patient and not stressing about it actually helps...

So lets keep our fingers crossed that they actually chose me to watch over their little ones... I promise I will do the best job possible!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

How will it all come together

Man, what a crazy day I've had!! I just enrolled to be a full time student at a local College for the first time. I have taken on 5 classes!!! I didn't realize that was a lot until everyone was saying OMG!!! Now, I'm a little freaked out!!

I had recently quit my job when my baby was born because we couldn't afford Daycare, so I decided to try to run a Daycare. I got my license and all, but no kids! I guess everyone is doing it these days. So I try and run back to my old job and ask if they will take me part time. They said yes, so I go to my old babysitter and say hey will you take my kids for me part time? Her reply, "well, I'm starting school full time and we are thinking about moving. So Im not sure I'm going to be doing Daycare." Now these people introduced my husband and I so I trust them. I don't trust a lot of people with my babies, so I can not see my self leaving them with just anyone.

Now I have to search for a part time night job... I just wish I could find something that way all the searching and stressing will be gone. I'm ready to relax and kick my feet up and say hey we are stable and that's good enough for me right now. I'm sure it will work out evently, until then I will just pop open a beer (after the kids are in bed of course) and enjoy my days of not working or school for the time being :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Babies, Babies!!

So I have really been enjoying my 2 month old. Just a little talking to her and she smiles from ear to ear!! Love it!! At first I thought my 3 year old was going to have a hard time with mom having a new baby. Reason being at Daycare they had a new little baby and my 3 year laid on her for some reason, and also put a blanket over her face!! I was freaked out by this!!!

But to my surprise she was the complete opposite! She is soo kind and loving to her! She calls her "our baby". When the baby cries she always says "Awwe, her wants me" and comes over and give her a hug. She wants to help feed her and make her bottles. She even helped me change her diaper yesterday! She's a great big sister!! She'll dance and sing around her, and the baby just stares at her and smiles... Even just seeing her big sister's face she just smiles! It's the cutest thing ever! My little girl doesn't have a jealous bone in her body, and she amazes me everyday... She sure did prove her mommy wrong. Way to go Sis!! :)

Now I'm not sure what exactly colic is, but I wonder if the baby has it. She of course cries when she is hungry, but then after she eats she will be fine for a little while and then start crying again for no reason. I figure it's gas, but I give her gas medicine every time after she eats, but she still cries. It's like she gets bored easy or something. Now if you stand up and hold her, or pat her bottom she seems to be ok... Spoiled maybe?? :)

I also have an 11 year old, and he helps out by holding the baby when we are making a bottle, but that's about it. He's too busy in his almost teenage world, playing video games or watching tv. It's almost like I have to pay him just to go outside and play! When I was his age, you couldn't keep me inside! Especially during the summers... Funny thing is, is that I'm starting school and I have to take a test to see where I am. I was studying last night for the math part, and I had to ask him for help LOL!! So here we are son and mom studying math together!! But it brought something out in him, here I was ready to call it a night but he was still wanting to keep studying!! I was like wow this has NEVER happen before LOL!! So it looks like this will be a good way to get his homework done, we can do ours together.

Wow, they grow up so fast... Just talking about them gets me all teary eyed. I guess I will just cherish these moments and except the fact that they will not stay babies forever :(

Saturday, July 11, 2009

On to more Positive things

So, I have just enrolled for College!!!! Actually I'm going to enroll in my classes on Monday, but I applied for my FASSA and preenrollement at the school... I'm soo excited!!!

I'm almost 30 years old and have never dreamed I would go to College! I had my son right after High School, so I never even planned on really going to College. I had to work full time to support him and wouldn't have anybody to keep im at night so I could go. Plus I would have never gotten to see him. Back then they didn't have online classes... No I can be a full time student over the computer. No babysitter needed!! And I can do it once the kids go to bed. I'm thinking about looking in to Accounting, that's what my mother in law does. I liked it in High School.

The cool thing about it is my mom, in her late 40's, just graduated College! She went back and now she is a Respiratory Therapist, and I'm soo proud of her :) Way to go mom...

Anyways, had to share my exciting news!!!

Since the Last one was a flop!!

Ok so I got a pretty harsh critic on my last blog so I deleted it and putting this one in it's place... Man, I really thought that Blogging was kind of like a journal, say what's on your mind kind of think. I guess for some people they would rather not see that, you can't be friends with everyone and there are people who are not going to like what you are going to say. I don't know about you, but I'm not perfect that's for sure, well most of the time LOL J/K!!!

I'm a big believer of thinking of the other persons feelings, but a lot of the time people don't believe the same when it comes to mine. Is that selfish?? I get called selfish sometimes by people I love, but I don't believe it selfish, I believe it's about being important too!! I don't ask to be important that much, but when I do it's because it's extremely important to me. Sooo important I can't even sleep at night. When I think I should be a little more important I get told something else is more important than me. Breaks my heart, but I'm sure it's the truth and who can be mad at that.

I would NEVER take away the importance of some things, just think that just because you move the important thing to a different date doesn't mean it looses any importance of it at all. It's just the date!! Anyways, I'm sure I lost everyone, only some people know what I am talking about... Isn't it ok to be important sometimes?? I always have it on my mind and cry alot about it, just want to feel a little important. Dang, it's just a date, not asking to take away from it's importance. How do you think that makes me feel about my important date...

Make sure to always make people in your life feel important when needed... It could make everyone feel a lot better for at least for their important day :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

How Awesome Sleep Is!!!

Wow, for the first time in 11 weeks, I have actually got to sleep with out waking up!!! My daughter slept all night!!!! I thought I would wake up and freak out that I hadn't hear her, but I didn't... I must have been sleeping pretty good (might of been the wine I had last night ;). Man, how soon I forget what it feels like to sleep in! I even had to wake up my husband to see if he had woken up and feed her to make sure...

I'm sooo refreshed right now, I feel like I could run a marathone!!! LOL Ummm... not really! Hopefully these becomes a trend for her and she likes it to, and she keeps doing it. We will see I guess. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Dear Wine!!

So I think my favorite thing to do is drink wine with the mother-in-law... :) Drinking wine makes all the money, kids, and outside drama on the back burner for the time being. Also, I've noticed it doesn't make me gain wait like the beer does... LOL

Drinking wine I feel myself almost dancing in a field of sunflowers!! LOL no, I just saw a picture of sunflowers on my mother in laws wall... So why do i then start typing weird and having to delete everything I've pretty much wrote because I can't spell worth a darn now!! LOL... Oh, it's just me having fun!! Kids are a sleep, diapers are changed, night lights are on, husband is watching UFC (it's a cool show). So now it's my time... and I'm just smiling at the computer sharing my thoughts with my Blog. Man, must be the wine taling!!! Wonder whats going to come out in my blog on my birthday next month then... Just kidding :) Have a good night...


Not sure why it's not showing my top Blog... Ummm. At least I can't see it. How do I fix??

Stress of Money

Wow, I guess I never REALLY realized the stress on a marriage and a household due to not having money and knowing no money is really coming your way. It's kind of stupid that I still, at almost 30 years old, have to rely on my parents for help!! This economy is doing a number on my family that's for sure. I'm tired of fighting with my husband, and not being able to go to sleep because I'm thinking how am I going to get through this. It's like I'm more stressed, then happy! I miss being happy!!

Why can't their be real jobs that allow you to work from home, that you don't need a degree in or anything like that. Heck, I know there is Daycare and I've tried that, but no luck really. I had to deal with a crazy parent, and that was not fun!

Hopefully one day it will work itself out, and everything will be happy again, until then I guess we take one day at a time...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tummy Time

Ok, I have never had so much trouble with Tummy time before!! It's more like get mad and throw a fit for an hour time. My 2 month old HATES tummy time, and I feel like she is not on the right track with her head holding. I'm not sure what to do, but it's frustrating!!! My other kids were easy, but not this one.

I have the Boppy pillow and that helps for like 5 seconds... What do I do?? I'm at my witts end! My family things I'm over reacting, and maybe I am. But I have this friend whose daughter is a couple days younger than mine, and I will tell her how mine hates tummy time. So what does she do, she will send me pictures of her daughter holding her head up sooo good and text me to tell me that she even rolls over and loves tummy time!!! So that makes me more determined to help my baby girl out... Any suggestions??

First time is Hopefully a charm

So this is the first time I have even tried to Blog. No Blogging on myspace or even writing down my life story in a journal. Right now, I'm just sitting at my computer wondering what the future will hold for me and my family. My two month old is screaming in the background while I sit here and ponder how we are going to make it through this month and the months to come. You see I have always worked full time. I have 3 children, one 11, one 3, and of course my 2 month old (which is now being quiet as mommy types). I got married in 08, for the first time and this is when we conceived our 2 month old.

My other 2 children are pretty much from a dead beat dad so I've always had to be the bread winner. Now that we have had our baby, I've been out of work and can't stand it!!! We can't afford daycare, so I tried to start up my own. Well, with the economy being so bad these days, that's what's on every body's agenda so no hope in finding children :(... So now we are left not knowing where else to go, so now I turn to hopefully you to help give me advise on how to get through the rough times... Until next time!!