Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't give up!!

Just when I was about to give up on doing the whole Daycare thing, I got 3 calls from 3 different moms yesterday!!! They are coming over for an interview today, so I hope I can show them how serious I am about keeping their kids educated and safe!! There are soo many wackos out there that I don't trust that many people with my kids, plus some experiences I've had with Daycare haven't been the best at all!! That was one reason why I started it, so parents don't have to worry...

It's really crazy!! When I was about to give up and get a part time job and not care anymore, I actually got 3 calls! I mean nothings official yet, but it gives me hope that being patient and not stressing about it actually helps...

So lets keep our fingers crossed that they actually chose me to watch over their little ones... I promise I will do the best job possible!!!

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