Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow!! It's finally catching up!

I know it's been a while, but it's been soo crazy around the house hold. I thought school was going to be easy, it was at first, but now it's getting to me a little bit. I have certain times I have to turn things in and sometimes it doesn't mesh well with my husband's work schedule. The nights when I want to go to bed early, I can't because I have homework to do. I will try to read chapters while I'm watching kids during the day and they are napping. Only problem is, is that they are never all sleeping at the same time! I pretty much never get any free time. Which is fine because I need the money, just means later nights and I like my sleep! :)

I'm starting to feel like I'm always with my kids too. I just remember being happier when I got my break at work and then came home to the family. Now, day and night, I'm constantly around them. Heck, I love the heck out of them, but give me some space! I can't even go to the bathroom with out my 3 year old following me. I guess that's what I signed up for when I had kids. Ha ha! It's really not that bad, and I don't get sick of them that much. It's actually pretty cool being about to see my now 5 month old daughter growing and changing every day. My 3 year old is getting meaner, and my son is well the same.

I'm really surprised that I'm getting good grades in school. I have two A's, a B, and one C, but I don't agree with the C because on my discussions and written assignments I'm in the high 90's and my quiz's are in the 70's. I figured it would be a B! I guess I don't know grading that much. In High School my grades were horrible!!! I was a C average kid!! I work hard now that and I'm very motivated. One thing that has made this experience helpful is I showed my son how to look for answers on quiz's. He is failing social studies, and he brought home a test. I started looking at the test and asked if could use his book. He said yes, so I got out one of my books and started showing him how he can look up answers easier. If it's multiple choice, try to look up definitions of the answers in your glossary, if its not there then look up your subject listing and see what page you can find certain subjects. He got excited and started trying to research all through my book! I can't wait to see how he does on his next test!! Made me feel good though... He really does try and he's such a great kid. I just want him to do well.

Another busy weekend for us! We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and then Sunday my hubby is playing for the championship title in baseball!! This is his first year to the championship in gosh a couple years at least! He's excited and I'm excited to see him... School work will have wait for another day :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

MDA Telethon

The MDA Telethon is coming up this Monday! My family has religiously watched it every year. I even remember watching it before we found out my little brother had it. This is always such a great, but emotional time for us. We remember what it was like to have my brother here with us, and going to the actual T.V. station to visit everyone. My brother was always on the floor helping someone out taking phone calls, and every year one of my crazy family members would call in and make a request for the woman host to kiss Michael for a donation on live T.V.!! He always got so embarrassed! Ha Ha! My grandma would make all these big donations and get her a star on the black board. It was such a big deal for the whole family!

Since my brother's passing, my grandma had past too. It's still a big deal to my family, but not as crazy and exciting I guess. I hope that's not bad to say, but it's true. Now when we go up there to present our check, we see all these families with their kids just wanting a huge number on the tot board to find a cure for their loved one and our heartbreaks for them. We were like that too! I don't wish it on any one's family to lose someone so young and helpless.

That's why we do our benefit every year in the memory of my brother. We won't to stop families from loosing their loved ones, and to enjoy life with out the worries or hospitals. This year is very exciting for us! We are raffling off Dallas Cowboy tickets! The are off the 50 yard line, and it's the very first game in the new stadium. We announce the winner when we present out check this coming Monday! Anything to help Jerry's kids!! So good luck to MDA this year, and Jerry! Let's all hope that we raise soo much money this year it actually finds a cure! Good luck Jerry! We LOVE what you do for our families!! I've always wanted to tell him that :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've been on here, and a lot has happened. I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend, and I don't care what anyone says, it feels different to be out of your 20's. Looking back at my 20's though, I know that my 30's are going to extremely better!! Heck, they better be!!

My school is in full speed a head!! I'm currently getting an "A" in English!! Yay! Not sure about the other classes yet, but I think I'm at least in the "B" range. I couldn't believe the "A" in English, It' had been so long and when I started looking at all the adjectives, adverbs, active adverbs, complete verbs, ect. I was like, did we really do this stuff when I was younger? But I'm finally getting the hang of it. I did have to drop a class, but it's ok. I will take it this summer, right now I just didn't have the money to spend on the extra things I needed. I did end up getting 100% and 96% on two papers that I wrote for school. That surprised me!! I guess I didn't think I had it in me, but it's there :)

I officially have two kids enrolled in my daycare!! So that's really good news! Just one more kid and I will be set. It's seeming to work itself out. I guess it always does in the end. My little one is now 4 months and eating food. I'm still waiting for her to start rolling. She will roll from her belly to her back, occasionally, and sometimes from her back to her belly, but she needs a little help. She's so smart, reaching for things and playing with her toys. The last thing on her mind is Umm.. let me roll my heavy body every where! She even grabs my face, I love it! My 3 year old started preschool and haven't heard anything bad so I guess she's doing good. My son, now in middle school, is learning that you can't always trust people and you will loose friends. He had a friend that he walks to school with. One day, my son was teasing him about something and the kid hit him in the back. My son is very sensitive and it bothered him a lot. The kid said he was sorry but it still was in my son's mind. So he came home and told me about it, he wanted me to say something to the kid. I said ok, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. The next morning the kid comes over to get him, and I say hey please don't hit him again, that is not cool. Of course the kid looked at my son and said why did you have to tell. To make things short, that was the last time the two of them have talked.

I told my son that he's going to have fight his own battles, unless it's really serious. Like it or not, kids that age do not like tattle tells. He will learn, but it will take time. I will try to get on here more and post my exciting life!! Lol... ok boring but who cares :) Have a good day, and stay positive! I need to take my own advice...