Friday, September 4, 2009

MDA Telethon

The MDA Telethon is coming up this Monday! My family has religiously watched it every year. I even remember watching it before we found out my little brother had it. This is always such a great, but emotional time for us. We remember what it was like to have my brother here with us, and going to the actual T.V. station to visit everyone. My brother was always on the floor helping someone out taking phone calls, and every year one of my crazy family members would call in and make a request for the woman host to kiss Michael for a donation on live T.V.!! He always got so embarrassed! Ha Ha! My grandma would make all these big donations and get her a star on the black board. It was such a big deal for the whole family!

Since my brother's passing, my grandma had past too. It's still a big deal to my family, but not as crazy and exciting I guess. I hope that's not bad to say, but it's true. Now when we go up there to present our check, we see all these families with their kids just wanting a huge number on the tot board to find a cure for their loved one and our heartbreaks for them. We were like that too! I don't wish it on any one's family to lose someone so young and helpless.

That's why we do our benefit every year in the memory of my brother. We won't to stop families from loosing their loved ones, and to enjoy life with out the worries or hospitals. This year is very exciting for us! We are raffling off Dallas Cowboy tickets! The are off the 50 yard line, and it's the very first game in the new stadium. We announce the winner when we present out check this coming Monday! Anything to help Jerry's kids!! So good luck to MDA this year, and Jerry! Let's all hope that we raise soo much money this year it actually finds a cure! Good luck Jerry! We LOVE what you do for our families!! I've always wanted to tell him that :)

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