Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Crazy Dreams

I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I have always had some crazy dreams!! Last night was one of them, I dreamed that I was outside on some kind of outing with my sister, my 3 year old, and a bunch of people I didn't know. The things that stand out the most about it, was we were outside surrounded by a whole bunch of things, then you look to your right, it's starting to storm and tons of cloud to cloud lightning. So we run under a tent, everyone is amazed at the lighting saying at least it's not ground lightning. At that moment I look to my left and see ground lighting, so I yell we do have ground lightning! To our horror we look, and all the lights we had go out. We see this weird twisting shape in the darkness and figure out it's a Tornado!!

So we all run, holding hands trying not to trip on anything, to a house and we make it. The house is shaking and I ask where the basement is. Then here comes this other couple with two little girls with them. I realize at that time that one of them is my 3 year old!!!! I couldn't believe, even in my dream, that I never thought to grab my child!! This wakes me up, and for about an hour I lay in bed thinking how could I forget my child! Knowing that it is a dream, but I still think do I really only think of myself, how could I only make sure I was safe... I'm not really sure how dreams work, but they sure do wake me up a lot.

I remember one dream I had about my brother right after he passed, which was in 2003. I still remember like it was yesterday. He had muscular dystrophy so he was in a wheel chair and had to be taken care of, for the most part. Great, spunky, funny, very touching young man. He was 21 when he passed, but he was my best friend. He was younger than me, so me being the big sister I always protected him. Even from the teasing when he was little because he couldn't run very fast, or really anyone that gave him a hard time. I beat up alot of young boys in my child hood days :)

Anyways, I remember he was in my dream and I was in a pool. I ended up getting him and carrying him around in the pool. We talked, and I said Michael I didn't want you to leave me, I wasn't ready for you to go. I remember holding on to him soo tight, like protecting him because I always tried. He said I know but I had to, it's ok... Brings tears to my eyes still to this day just thinking about that dream. I couldn't protect him from death, and I still struggle with that.

Dreams are weird and crazy, but can be so funny and kind too. Heck, I even find myself dreaming of my husband cheating on me and will wake up and actually be mad at him!! LOL... yeah, that seems to always make him laugh too. The crazy thing is I can remember alot of the bad ones, but not many of the good ones... I know I've woke up just laughing away at myself, but can't remember why. Why is that I wonder?? I'm sure they have a purpose and meaning, I have just never looked in to. Maybe I should some day... You never know what you might find out, or do I even want to know!! Maybe I'll just try to focus on the good ones and try harder to remember those... Either way, dreams can be soo crazy!!


  1. I found a way to comment on your blog. I've been meaning to comment but like it wouldn't let me! I was starting to get angry! lol

    I've dreamnt about tornados too and they scare the heck out of me! You know, I'm afraid of dinosaurs. I mean like I can watch dinosaur cartoon and stuff hahaha But like they are my worst nightmare I have a recurrent dream that a T-rex is chasing me!

    I think we remember the bad ones the most because they cause us so much stress and fear! And yeah, I've actually looked up some meanings for some dreams I've had and there were some truth to it. They do say that dreams reflect how we feel and all of our fears. =) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks Maggie!! I'm glad you finally was able to comment. Dinosaurs huh... Well, we are all afraid of something! I believe there is probably some truth to dreams, there's got to be! I mean sometimes I bet they through some curve ball and it means nothing. But for most part I'm a true believer!