Saturday, July 11, 2009

Since the Last one was a flop!!

Ok so I got a pretty harsh critic on my last blog so I deleted it and putting this one in it's place... Man, I really thought that Blogging was kind of like a journal, say what's on your mind kind of think. I guess for some people they would rather not see that, you can't be friends with everyone and there are people who are not going to like what you are going to say. I don't know about you, but I'm not perfect that's for sure, well most of the time LOL J/K!!!

I'm a big believer of thinking of the other persons feelings, but a lot of the time people don't believe the same when it comes to mine. Is that selfish?? I get called selfish sometimes by people I love, but I don't believe it selfish, I believe it's about being important too!! I don't ask to be important that much, but when I do it's because it's extremely important to me. Sooo important I can't even sleep at night. When I think I should be a little more important I get told something else is more important than me. Breaks my heart, but I'm sure it's the truth and who can be mad at that.

I would NEVER take away the importance of some things, just think that just because you move the important thing to a different date doesn't mean it looses any importance of it at all. It's just the date!! Anyways, I'm sure I lost everyone, only some people know what I am talking about... Isn't it ok to be important sometimes?? I always have it on my mind and cry alot about it, just want to feel a little important. Dang, it's just a date, not asking to take away from it's importance. How do you think that makes me feel about my important date...

Make sure to always make people in your life feel important when needed... It could make everyone feel a lot better for at least for their important day :)

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