Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First time is Hopefully a charm

So this is the first time I have even tried to Blog. No Blogging on myspace or even writing down my life story in a journal. Right now, I'm just sitting at my computer wondering what the future will hold for me and my family. My two month old is screaming in the background while I sit here and ponder how we are going to make it through this month and the months to come. You see I have always worked full time. I have 3 children, one 11, one 3, and of course my 2 month old (which is now being quiet as mommy types). I got married in 08, for the first time and this is when we conceived our 2 month old.

My other 2 children are pretty much from a dead beat dad so I've always had to be the bread winner. Now that we have had our baby, I've been out of work and can't stand it!!! We can't afford daycare, so I tried to start up my own. Well, with the economy being so bad these days, that's what's on every body's agenda so no hope in finding children :(... So now we are left not knowing where else to go, so now I turn to hopefully you to help give me advise on how to get through the rough times... Until next time!!

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