Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Blues

I've got the Wednesday blues!! I can't seem to shake this funk I'm in! I'm so unbelievably tired for some reason, and I enrolled my son today for his first year of middle school. Maybe that's it?? I'm not exactly sure what to make of it, I honestly want to jump in bed right now, but it's only 8:30 pm. I'm actually hiding in the basement right now, because my company is no good to anyone. When I'm having the blues, then no one in my house is happy!! That's why I decided to come down here for a while.

I really hate feeling this way, like nothings ever good enough. Or how are we going to pay for this and that, or I'm tired of dealing with unnecessary drama. I just want one full week of no money troubles, no fighting amongst kids, happy, laughing hysterically, and eating or doing whatever it is we want to!! That would be nice huh! It's always something...

I've been trying to get kids for my daycare, and when I think I'm getting close to getting a few something happens. I did get one baby, yay!! I had a couple mom's call and wanting an interview with me, so I clean up the house spotless, make sure the kids and husband are scares, and wait. I wait and wait and wait... They never showed up! If they knew how frustrating that was!! We talk all this time to get ready for them, and they just blow you off. It's pretty disappointing, especially when you know their kid/kids would love your daycare and you REALLY need the income. Oh well, what can you do.

So Wednesday is almost over, which means maybe Thursday will be a better day :)... Hey, Saturday my mother in law is taking me shopping and out to lunch! That would cheer anyone up. Ok, so typing about my Wednesday Blues has made me feel better, and I think I am ready to go upstairs and face the family... Sometimes it's really nice to have this blog, something to kind of spill all your thoughts out. Maybe nobody is listening, but it doesn't matter, you are still talking about it!!

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  1. Yeah, it's always nice to be able to vent out! We all need it once in a while!

    It's unfortune but there will always be money problems to deal with and we have to face them.

    I hope you feel better today. *hugs*