Friday, July 24, 2009

They grow up soo fast!

Yesterday the kids and I went over to my best friends house to go swimming. She had her two kids plus her 13 year old niece. My son is 11 years old, and I never thought it would happen. Here he is in the pool playing keep away/tag with this 13 year old girl!! They were flirting!! My baby boy is flirting with this girl!! Actually I think she was the one really flirting. Every time we looked she had him in a head lock. My friend and I just watched them and talked about when we were that age.

Man, I remember being about 12 and going to Oklahoma for the summer to visit my mom. My sister, brother and I would go to the pool about every day. We would play chase/tag with these boys, and of course I had a huge crush on this boy named Josh. He was soo cute I thought!! So of course you have to act like you hate them, but really you like them. At that time, I don't think boys were all that crazy about girls as we were crazy about boys. They played with us alright, but to them that doesn't mean anything! They were just trying to win... Heck sounds like guys now days too :)

So on the way home from my friends house, I ask my son why he was flirting with this girl. He was so shocked I asked that because he was NOT flirting!! He couldn't even think of why I would even think that! Ha ha!! It seems like just yesterday when we were teaching him how to play catch at 3. He kept throwing the ball in the opposite direction because he thought it was funny to see us run after it.Oh, and who can forget his first day of kindergarten! I took a ton of pictures, and of course cried like a baby when I walked out of the school, and now he is flirting with girls and about to start middle school. Makes me sad in a way... Wow, they just grow up way too fast. I don't think I'm ready for this, but don't have a choice. I guess I will just go with the flow and prepare myself for a VERY bumby ride!


  1. I hope you read this. Something weird is happening to your blog! For example, I cannot comment on your post that you made today! But I can comment on this one and the previous ones. It's like, I have to wait until you post again so I can comment on your post from today. Like when I scroll down to comment it erasers it and like it goes blank. Ask someone to check it out maybe it's my computer who knows!

  2. It's not Maggie's computer, because your blog is doing the same thing to me too. I don't know what is going on.

  3. ummm... I don't know! I see that Maggie finally got through on making a comment. I'll have to ask someone... thanks ladies!!