Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Dear Wine!!

So I think my favorite thing to do is drink wine with the mother-in-law... :) Drinking wine makes all the money, kids, and outside drama on the back burner for the time being. Also, I've noticed it doesn't make me gain wait like the beer does... LOL

Drinking wine I feel myself almost dancing in a field of sunflowers!! LOL no, I just saw a picture of sunflowers on my mother in laws wall... So why do i then start typing weird and having to delete everything I've pretty much wrote because I can't spell worth a darn now!! LOL... Oh, it's just me having fun!! Kids are a sleep, diapers are changed, night lights are on, husband is watching UFC (it's a cool show). So now it's my time... and I'm just smiling at the computer sharing my thoughts with my Blog. Man, must be the wine taling!!! Wonder whats going to come out in my blog on my birthday next month then... Just kidding :) Have a good night...


  1. Thanks for adding yourself as a follower to my blog. Looks like you have a good start here to your own. I've added myself to follow.

  2. Thanks Rae!! I'm trying to have fun, and let everyone join in on my fun :)