Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fitness BootCamp

So, this morning I joined my sister in her workout world. She joined a Fitness Boot Camp and they offered a free class this Saturday. She asked me if I would take it with her, of course at first I was like Heck Yeah, I'll be there!! Then as the days kind of went by it was more like what am I getting myself in to...

Saturday morning comes around, and my sister is at my house about 7:40 am to pick me for our workout. We get there and say Hi to everyone and line up to stretch a little. It's then I realize this is going to be WAY harder than I thought. Here we are trying to touch our toes (which I can't, by the way), doing jumping jacks, and the runner stretch. I am already gasping for air!! This class is an hour and a half, how in the world!!!!

After that they put us in to two different groups, the runners and the walkers. Of course I'm on the walker side, my sister a runner (show off LOL), and we start to brisk walk. I have all these older ladies passing me and I'm already tired, we have just started!!! I couldn't even keep up with the brisk walk!! That is soo sad, here I am 29 years old and these older ladies are giving me a run for my money. We end up stopping at a bridge, then the instructor says, "place your hands on the ledge and lets do push ups," so we do 10 of those and he says, "turn around and place your hands behind you on the ledge and lets do backwards push ups." We did 3 sets of these, then we are off again on our walk.

We end up running in to the runners at this big hill. I think to myself please tell me we are not running up this hill... Not only did we run up this hill 3 times, we had to run up it backwards 3 times!! I almost throw up at this point... So now we are done with the hill and have to jog to our next destination. I'm feeling very faint and nausea's, but push on. We do a little ground work with the legs, not that bad and actually cooled me down from the hill. Then off to the obstacle course, we had to run in between this ladder on the floor (my feet were so confused), then do like this basketball drill and go side to side from one cone to another.

After that we had to run across the parking lot with a parachute tied to the back of us. Wasn't as bad as I thought, the hill was much worse to me. Last but not least we had to lay in a parking lot and do sit ups, crunches, mostly Abe work out. My back was on fire!!! It wasn't the sit ups really, it was the concrete that was the killer!!! But by this time, I was feeling pretty good!! All the other ladies that were passing me, even my sister, where moaning and hollering about how they couldn't do anymore. I was soo proud of myself!!! I survived my first boot camp and actually enjoyed it!!! I've got to give the older ladies credit too, they NEVER quit!!! I was proud of everyone there... It's tough!

I'm sure tomorrow I will be telling a different story, but I'm just glad I actually made it through with out throwing up, like my sister thought ;) Trying new things is scary, but you got to do it to experience the joys of life!! Hey, what would you lose... Nothing! So try new things, push yourself. In the end it just makes you feel better... :)

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  1. WOW! That really does sound like a boot camp work out! I would have been the one throwing up!

    Good for you, I'm proud of you..... an hour and a half is very long for a first work out!