Saturday, July 11, 2009

On to more Positive things

So, I have just enrolled for College!!!! Actually I'm going to enroll in my classes on Monday, but I applied for my FASSA and preenrollement at the school... I'm soo excited!!!

I'm almost 30 years old and have never dreamed I would go to College! I had my son right after High School, so I never even planned on really going to College. I had to work full time to support him and wouldn't have anybody to keep im at night so I could go. Plus I would have never gotten to see him. Back then they didn't have online classes... No I can be a full time student over the computer. No babysitter needed!! And I can do it once the kids go to bed. I'm thinking about looking in to Accounting, that's what my mother in law does. I liked it in High School.

The cool thing about it is my mom, in her late 40's, just graduated College! She went back and now she is a Respiratory Therapist, and I'm soo proud of her :) Way to go mom...

Anyways, had to share my exciting news!!!


  1. I'm so proud of your mom for graduating college and proud of you for enrolling and getting started! You and I will be attending at the same time! Congrats, fellow student!

  2. hi! blogwalking from cris'...hope we can also be friends=)

    BTW, congratulations...on your news of college, on your baby and on your blog!