Sunday, July 12, 2009

Babies, Babies!!

So I have really been enjoying my 2 month old. Just a little talking to her and she smiles from ear to ear!! Love it!! At first I thought my 3 year old was going to have a hard time with mom having a new baby. Reason being at Daycare they had a new little baby and my 3 year laid on her for some reason, and also put a blanket over her face!! I was freaked out by this!!!

But to my surprise she was the complete opposite! She is soo kind and loving to her! She calls her "our baby". When the baby cries she always says "Awwe, her wants me" and comes over and give her a hug. She wants to help feed her and make her bottles. She even helped me change her diaper yesterday! She's a great big sister!! She'll dance and sing around her, and the baby just stares at her and smiles... Even just seeing her big sister's face she just smiles! It's the cutest thing ever! My little girl doesn't have a jealous bone in her body, and she amazes me everyday... She sure did prove her mommy wrong. Way to go Sis!! :)

Now I'm not sure what exactly colic is, but I wonder if the baby has it. She of course cries when she is hungry, but then after she eats she will be fine for a little while and then start crying again for no reason. I figure it's gas, but I give her gas medicine every time after she eats, but she still cries. It's like she gets bored easy or something. Now if you stand up and hold her, or pat her bottom she seems to be ok... Spoiled maybe?? :)

I also have an 11 year old, and he helps out by holding the baby when we are making a bottle, but that's about it. He's too busy in his almost teenage world, playing video games or watching tv. It's almost like I have to pay him just to go outside and play! When I was his age, you couldn't keep me inside! Especially during the summers... Funny thing is, is that I'm starting school and I have to take a test to see where I am. I was studying last night for the math part, and I had to ask him for help LOL!! So here we are son and mom studying math together!! But it brought something out in him, here I was ready to call it a night but he was still wanting to keep studying!! I was like wow this has NEVER happen before LOL!! So it looks like this will be a good way to get his homework done, we can do ours together.

Wow, they grow up so fast... Just talking about them gets me all teary eyed. I guess I will just cherish these moments and except the fact that they will not stay babies forever :(


  1. Your little girls sound adorable, big sisters love to help and if you include them they are fine. Sounds like you are doing a great job! As for Colic, my oldest had that and no matter what we did, she did not quit crying. She cried from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am every night for about 4 weeks, it was awful! We didn't even own a car at that time, but my husband would try and walk with her outside, nothing helped. We just had to wait it out. Thank God we got through it!

    They do grow up fast, sounds like your son really enjoys helping you. What a great way to get him to do homework, that's a great way to share time together.

    I had to take a placement exam also, I took tutoring classes every Wed. night for a couple of months before I took the test. You'll do fine.

    Sounds like you are a great mom and have a wonderful family!

  2. Awwwe... thank you Kris!! I really appreciate that!