Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Benefit

We are getting ready for our 6th Annual Benefit in memory of my little brother for Muscular Dystrophy. My mom and sister are going around their home town getting donations as I type. My job is to get the band, and start email the radio stations. One year a country station actually called me and did an interview over the phone at 6:30 in the morning. They didn't warn me so it was a complete surprise!! A good one of course!!

These are our events, this past weekend we had our Co-Ed All Night Softball tournament. Had a great turn out!! Then Friday, August 21, we have a Texas-Hold em Poker Tournament. We give away prized to the last 8 still playing. I think our first place reward is $1,000 this year. Which is great with the way the economy is going. That's usually a bunch guys in a smoke filled room... Fun :). The big event is on the 22nd! We have bowling from 12 pm-12 am. My dad actually owns the bowling alley so we don't have to rent anything out. There will also be a Taco/Enchilada sale from an owner of a fabulous Mexican restaurant. Great door prizes every half hour, and the big price is a 32 inch flat screen T.V.!! We also have all kinds of other awesome prizes. Then at night, we have a band that comes and plays until midnight. They are great!!! They've come down and played for us every year for nothing...

The greatest thing about it, is that my family keeps absolutely nothing!! Every last dime, to the concessions, raffles, water's, you name it, goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Of course it does!!!! We have dedicated our lives to help find a cure for the past 6 years! I know we probably should have started a long time ago when my brother was still alive, but we were in COMPLETE denial. Until the inevitable happened! We are doing something about it now and I know that it truly makes a difference... Let's not let families and most of all the kids suffer any more, is my way of thinking. We WILL find a cure one day, and I can proudly say that my family and everyone who supported us was a huge help. Makes us feel good to know we are apart of something great :) So wish us good look on our journey this year!! We try to beat our goal every year, so this year we have to get more than $12,000... Keep your fingers crossed for the people who can not cross theirs.

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  1. It is truly inspiring to find people like yourselves that dedicate some of your time into finding cures or a cure. I bet it must have been really hard for you guys to lose him considering that he was so young!

    I hope that all goes well in your benefit. *hugs*